Flame detection is applied in heavy applications in the industry: most commonly in the chemical industry and the oil and gas industry. To chose the right flame detector in these applications, to execute test fires if needed and to define the design of the flame alarm system specialist knowledge is required. In the process of determining the flame detection it is important that the user is involved in making the choices. Also in this way of working Sense-WARE has much experience. Sense-WARE Fire and Gas Detection BV has this knowledge because Sense-WARE specialized itself in flame detection- and gas detection techniques.


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GDS sensor grp
GDS sensor Ex-proof cast-iron
GDS sensor non Ex plastic
heat detector
mini fire card ue-458
SenseWARE sensor RAS-AD
flame-detection test-lamp T-229-4P
TL-2055X Test Lamp Ex-proof
uv-185-3 flame-detector
Video Flame-detection FDS-301