Raremetal Korea Co.,Ltd was established in 1997 as a specialized trading company and has supplied highly qualified Piping Products such as Welded Pipe, Seamless Pipe, Flange, Fitting, Plate, Valve and Tube for Oil, Gas and Chemical Project. Our main markets are Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and America.

Product Rare Metal Korea


Pipe and Fitting


Carbon steel & stainless steel and alloy:
Acc API 5L GrB up to X70(PSL-1, PSL-2), BS 1139, 1387, 3601 and 6323, ASTM A53, A178, 214, 252, 500, 
   589 and 795, All ASTM standard, SB338 Gr2~ Gr12, , plus client's specification
OD3/8"~OD24", THK up to 19mm, Length 6m~25m

Longituadinal submerged arc welded pipe
Carbon steel & stainless steel and alloy by roll bend, press bend(JCO, Knife):
Acc to API spec" 5L GrB up to X70, API spec" 2H, API spec" 2W, All ASTM standard, BS7191 and EN10225,
    plus client's specification
OD457mm(8")~OD3810mm(150"), THK up to 120mm, Length up to 13.2m
Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe

Carbon steel & stainless steel and alloy:
Acc to API 2B, H or 5L GrB, JIS A5525, G3444, G3457 and A5530, ASTM A252, All ASTM standard, BS4360, EN10025, plus client's

OD400mm~OD2600mm, THK 5mm~25mm, Length 6m~25m

Polythylene, epoxy-Polythylene, Fusion, bond epoxy, PEP coating
Polyethylene production THK: 1.2mm~5mm
Epoxy-Polyethylene production THK; 1.2mm~5mm
Fusion bond epoxy production THK: 300microns~600microns
PEP production THK: 300microns~400microns