Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


No. 31 PP-F55, 60, 70 PP film blowing machine

1. This crew material cylinder is elabroatly made of 38CRMOALA steel after nitrogen treatment and has best rigidity and corrosion resistance.
2. The mould head is platedwith hard chromium and has screw mandrel structure with uniform and smooth material discharging.


Optional equipment:
1. auto loader
2. Rotary die head
3. air compressor
4. Double winder
5. Corona theater.

No.32 Blown flexography printing line machine


Moreover Purchase Fitting:
1. Auto Loader
2. Air Compressor
3. Special Die
4. Die Rotary Device
5. Doubles sides Winder

No.33 GBDR-B500 Computerized control high speed vest roling bag making machine
This high and loe density polyethylene film bags producedbye the machineare applied to shopping in the supermarkets, shop and markets.
No.34 SBY-750x6G small cam structure six circular loom

- energy saving(main motor) 2.2kw
- max number of weft insertion 960ppm
- efficiency above 99%
- running path with special design of double cone
- automatic stop device warp broken/warp finished
- avoidance mechanism of shuttle collision
- Warp sending structure with stable tension(optional)
- intelligent lifting structure(optional)


One man operate six sets circular looms:
the unique type loom all over the world is specially designed to weave endless tubular or flat cloth out of PP or HDPE tapes and is a synonym for excellent cloth quality and trouble free handling.

No.35 SJDF-1000 Multi funtional laminating machine for pp woven roller fabric

This machine adopts double die heads plastic extruding parts, could coat the roller with single or doubles sides films, laminate the sacks with the single or double sides papers, also could laminates the sacks with single or double sides OPP, CPP films.

No.36 SJDF-1000B cement bag making machine

Product presentation:
Cement bags making is specialized for making cementbags processes compounded plastic woven bags. this machine can print the cement bags with multi-color on both sides, M-fold it and hot cut it by valve shape saw tooth like blades. this machine is easy to control and labor saving. it can print distincly and clearly with accurate registration of chromatography, the cement bags can be folded in symmetrically with accurate shift motion, cuts bags accurately with high efficiency also.

No.37 Cement bag sewing machine

this machine is special for sewing and binding paper & plastic cement bag's front and bottom.


this machine have automatic correction edge funtions, tape binding, sewing, and automatic cutting the tape and sewing thread, also can count the quantity of the bag. all sewed bags by this machine could be have same standard result, stack neatly, accurate count. which can saves the man power, reduces the labor intensity to improve the work effiency.

No.38 SBY-900-2/6 Flexography printing machine

for multicolor printing the word mark and patterned of the packaging bags, paper and plastic laminated packaging bag, ton bags, and non-woven(spun bond) materials.


Performance and Characteristics:
1. Control unit use advanced programmable controller(PLC) it centralized control of the magneto-optical positioner, pneumatic embossing automatic clutch.
2. Equip with anilox roll transfer ink, advanced automatic ink pump ink circulation system, the ink color is more uniformly, full resolution.
3. Unique adjustable plate 360 drjat print. Fine tune design, more accurate overprint.

No.39 SJ-125/135/155 plastic recycle granulator

With specially designed screws, this product line is used for pelletizing or re-pelletizing the PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PET etc.


Main Features:
The main unit has twice filtering, good exhaust effect, produce high quality granule, bright color, best plasticizing.
Main accessories:
Special reduces for hard surface, 38Chromoala nitride barrel screws, intelligent temperature controllers, special barrel covers(the electricity can be saved up to 30%). Hydraulic pressure or electric online screen changer, movable stainless-steel water tank, blower, rotary pellet crusher, it can be installed automatic forced feeding equipment.


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