Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


No. 21 DFHQ-350x2/450x2 full automatic high speed Vest bag making machine

This machine is applied to manufacturing and printing the uncolored vest bags maade of HDPE, LDPE roll film. it adopts PLC control. Double servo(step) motor fixed length and the liquid crystal touch screen actual display to finish the feeding, sealing, cutting, punching holes and transporting only in one process. it is of high degree of automation and good economic result.

No.22 SS 600 - 800 cold cut high speed vest bag making machine

No.23 YSJ - EB double wind & unwind moderato rotogravure printing machine

This machine suitable for slitting BOPP, PET, PE, PVC such material in rolls.


Features :
1. this machine is vertical computer slitting machine.
2. Independent microcomputer control screen, operate easily.
3. Rewind and unwind tension controlled by magnetic device.
4. Unwind error corecction adopts servo simulation rectification controller
5. equipped with waste edge air sending or coiling device
6. Adopt gassing shaft rewinder & unwinder, cutting face smoothly
7. Unwind tension controlled by automatic constant tension controller and single magnetic powder brake controller.
8. If slitting paper and aluminium foil paper need choose round knife accessories.

No.24 FQ - E surface reel automatic slitting machine

Applicable to small specification narrow strip cutting of coiled material according to production requirement doing the cutting and wiping off waste edge.


Suitable Materials:
1. BOPP, PE CPP, PS PVC, PET, pearly membrane, high desity polyethylene, rolling material and so on.
2. computer security labels, optical substrate, and roller, foil volume.


The host adopts frequency controller, constant tension magnetic powder device control theunwind, edge corection controlled by the servo simulation rectification controller unwind, two units of magnetic powderclutch on rewinding connect with the host, control the central volume reeling and the contaction of the surface, the double shaft crossly rewind, work more steadily. this machine also have meter preset, auto stop funtions.

No.25 FQ-D high speed computerized slitting machine

1. This type of slitting machine is for slitting PE, PP, PET, PVC film, paper, composite film, metalized, printing film, etc. is the ideal equipment for the secondary filmed processing and best idea for packaging company.

2. this machine controlled byy PLC(three vektor motor)., operate trough the human touch - machine interface.

3. Unwinder adopts imported steam brake, PLC automatic calculating of coil diameter tension.

4. traction control drive by a vector frequency conversion motor, realize constant linear velocity, and effectively part the tension influence between the unwinder and rewinder.

5. the rewind shaft uses air rise shaft, drived by a vector frequency motor. rewind tension control is according to winded diameter. slitting thicknessl, tension setting, etc. after operation by the PLC output control signals, via control of the friction pressure, to achieve the purpose of winding tension.

6. Unwind part adopts hydraulic power feeder, shaftless pressure of the top cover equipment, which can save much man power, and shorten working time.


7. EPC correction device, accurately control the face precision.

8. The system has astart buffer, stop locking, count meter &set length. contant speed of coil.

diameter operation.


No.26 Rotary machine head film blowing machine set

The cyliders and the screw stemps of the extruders are made of high quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and strong corossion resistance after nitrogen treatment and precision finishing. the auxiliary machine has a plat from working table for making operation easy and is equipped with bubble stabilizing ring. Double rolling and Double cutting coiling unit adopts torque motor to motor to keep proper tension and make even and roll changing easy.


it is use blowing the various plastic film of low density polythylene(LDPE), high density polythylene(HDPE) and lionear low density polythylene(LLDPE) etc. Which are widelyused for packing liquid, industrial products, garments, and textile ect. and printing lamination.


No.27 HDPE-LDPE dual purpose film blowing machine set

it's extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality allay steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. hence it is sound in hardness. durable in corrosion resistance. the specially designed screw of sound quality in plasticizing. which helps increase the production capacity. it is applied to blowing the plastic films like low density polytene(LDPE), high density polytene(HDPE) and linear low densitypolytene(LLDPE). it is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones.


No.28 FG-B Model high speed dry laminating machine

The extrude, the cylinders and the screw of this extruder all adopt high quality alloy steel, tighten azotizing, precision process, have have optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance after azotizing and precision finishing, it has high output, good plasticizationwith exspecial designing of the screw. it suitable for blowing plastic film of low density polythylene(LDPE), High density Polyethylene(HDPE) and linearlow density polye thelene(LLDPE) etc. Which are widely used for packing industrial products, food, clothes, rubbish bag, vest bag and used for farm land.


No.29 HDPE-LDPE dual purpose film blowing machine set

it is used for blowing the various plastic film of low density polyethylene(LDPE), High density polythylene(HDPE), and linear low density polythylene(LLDPE) etc. Which are widely used for packing food, fruit, garments, textille. barbage bag and vest bag other civiland industrial products, and for vest bag.


No.30 Double head film blowing machine set

This machine set is used for blowing low density polythylene(LDPE) and high density polythylene(HDPE) plastic film to make various vest bags and flat rim bags which have been widely used for packing in the food industry, garment industry , and textile industry, etc.


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