Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


No. 11 Automatic workbench
Features :
This machine is available for high speed product the bag above 25mm.
No.12 RQL-400 Hot cutting & edge sealing bag making machine


Main technical variables:
Model = RQL-400A
Hot cutting length = 16-250mm
hot cutting width = 60-350mm
producting speed = 80 - 240 pc/min
total power = 3.5KW
weight = 400kg
Height = 1300mm

No.13 HY - RDY600/700/800 triangle bag making machine (fresh flower bag making machine)
Features :
The machine is mainly used for making bags like flower bags, umbrella bags, tie bags, and so on. it can produce arcbags with BOPP, PE and POF after it is requipped. Performance and allocations. RDY400 is suiteable for flower seeding bags and tap bags. RDY600 is suiteable for small-sized fresh flower seeding bagand grape bags. RDY900 is suiteable for large-sized fresh flower seeding bags, umbrella bags and tie bags. high sensitivity, photoelectric cells and accurate bag making. the stamping function is for your option. order for machines with special funtions accepted. specialize of bag order accepted.
No.14 RQ - X width & length intelligent hot cutting and sealing bag making machine(garment suite bag making machine)

Performance and Configuration:

1. Large size LCD computer, with big torque stepping motor
2. High power inverter.
3. Feature of making garment suit bag making machine, click sealing conjoined twin bag.
4. Multi-tray intelligent temperature control system.
5. Variable punchturing scheme.
6. Special hot sealing knife, minimize the high temperature deformation.
7. touch screen, PLC system are selectacble.
8. improved servo system is selectable.
9. Full variable frequency driver is selected.

No.15 RQL - PZB series edge folding and rolling machine


this machine is one of thermal cutting maclineset:suitable for folding BOPP sheet with such functions as automatic gluing pearly-lustre film laminating hobbing and longitudinal sealing(used together with super sonic generator) and opening breaking of roll material(The opening breaking meachanism can be equipped separrately).


No.16 HB-600 type series of side inserting machine for vertical bag of sanitary napkin

Main technical variables:
Model = HB-600
Max width of roll = 600mm
Max diameter of roll = 600mm
Internal diameter of roll core = 50 - 76mm
Internal diameter of products = 76mm
Width of products for inserting side = 600mm
Speed for inserting = 600mm
speed for inserting = 10 - 50m/min
Total power = 2.29
external measurement(length*width*height) = 2700*1500*1300mm
weight of machine = 700kg

No.17 DFJ series computer bottom-sealing machine

1. Machine if logicallycontrolled and protected by PLC, and the value is set by touch screen.
2. 4 sets of AC vector motors automatic control tension, 4 parts of closed circle tension control and display.
3. three parts up opened efficient dry box, rollerdrive by wide belt.
4. pneumatic doctor blade device, horizontal sliding.
5. unwinder with epc error adjust.
6. outer circle oil or water heating lamination steel roll.
7. three rolls type lamination press roller device.
8. smooth glue device.
9. heat source: electricity, vapour, hot oil, gas, etc.

No.18 ZF Series middle sealing bag making machine

This machine is suitable for middle sealing various plastic film T-type bags and volumetric bags and it is a kind of ideal equipment for producing packing bags for cold drink, ice cream, biscuits, dry fruit and tea and labels for mineral water, etc.



No.19 DR series PE air bubble film extrusion machine


This crew adopts the disposableshaping craft, it is our factory that draws domestic and international advanced technology extensively, trough alarge number of production practiceses in having ordinary equipment originally. develop, designing, can produce polyethylene compound buble(cushion) membrane in succesion. designs science, practical, rational structure of the machine.


Optional Device:
Auto feeding electric screen filter, back unwinder station.

No.20 Model YTQB-700/800 Bubble film bag making machines

Performance and Characteristic:
1. Reliable sealing and high working efficiency.
2. convenient to use, easy to adjust and running stably.

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