Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


No. 1 YSJ-A Syncronized seven motor high speed computerized chromaticrotogravure printing machine

Features :
1. Tension Control with & sets of AC motors
2. PLC controller and protector. touch screen monitor panel for operator.
3. Shaftless pneumatic plate mounting, high precision gear box driver device.
4. double air-sub heavy scraper device
5. double station power driven reversal retracable roll, high speed printing non-stop automatic splicing
6. pre-driver automatic color process control and video display.
7. Dryer heat source: electricity, vapor, etc.

No.2 YSJ-B High speed computerized chromatic rotogravure printing machine
1. Controlled by main motor control, the wholemachine adopt three section constant tension controller and four motor sinchronization
2. size 70 shaftless gas cap installed version
3. double air-sub heavy scraper device
4. double station reversal inside
5. high energy saving wind cycle heater device
No.3 YSJ - EB double wind & unwind moderato rotogravure printing machine
Features :
In order to meet the market demand, our company design ths new machine, YSJ - EB double wind & unwind moderato rotogravure printer, double air-sub, pneumatic ink knife pressing, obturated oven, it have the feature of accurate color register, high speed, suitable, for small and medium enterprises.
No.4 YSJ-C moderato rotogravure printing machine
In order to meet the market demand, our company design this new machine, YSJ - C moderato rotogravure printer, double cylinder press, ink knife pneumatic pressing, fully enclosed oven, accurate color register, high speed, suiteable for small and medium enterprises.
No.5 YSJ - E Model standard rotogravure printing machine

1. 360-degree no-stop register sets, easy operation
2. obturated oven, automatic constant temperature system
3. unwind traction device adopt magnetic powder clutch controller, torque motor to winding unit.
4. it adopts double working position for winding & unwinding, semi automatic material change without machine halt
5. automatic tension feeder controller
6. gear boxes clutch pneumatic printing device.

No.6 DRZBF400/600 High speed automatic three-edge sealing bag maker machine

1. it is applicable to all composite films.
2. all parameters display on CRT. and it is allowed to preset bag-making speed, bag-making length, ironing knife temperature. number countingand lot counting, hole punching, hole punching time and times delivery, easy to handle.
3. manual or automatic control of roll unwinding tension, photo electric. constant control by middle pneumatic device.
4. realize function of several selection of hole-punching and super-length bag times delivery possible for edge scrap cutting of f and collecting, and static eliminating.
5. auto stop protection and high-position stop for middle tension and colour bar loss
6. edge ironing is with bridged-structure.

No.7 FG-A Model high speed computerized dry laminating machine

1. Machine if logicallycontrolled and protected by PLC, and the value is set by touch screen
2. 4 sets of AC vector motors automatic control tension, 4 parts of closed circle tension control and display
3. three parts up opened efficient dry box, rollerdrive by wide belt.
4. pneumatic doctor blade device, horizontal sliding.
5. unwinder with epc error adjust
6. outer circle oil or water heating lamination steel roll.
7. three rolls type lamination press roller device
8. smooth glue device.
9. heat source: electricity, vapour, hot oil, gas, etc.

No.8 FG-B Model high speed dry laminating machine

BOPP, PET, CPP, this machine is used for BOPP, PET,CPP, aluminium foil, paper and other in roll material, production is high streghth, high quality, retain frashness.


1. coat laminution put to use 2 sets vector motor control.
2. Dry box put to use pressure sensor automatic tension.
3. no 1 unwinder with LPC error adjust, no 2 unwinder put to use put down two table.
4. three ponts up-opened efficient dry box.
5. Coat laminution put to use two cylinder extrade.
6. rewinder put to use automatic tension of magnetic-powder clutch.

No.9 RQL-A Hot cutting & edge sealing bag making machine

This machine is suitable for making clothing bag, sock bag, towel bag, jewelry bag, underwear bag, stationery bag, electrical components bag, bamboo & wood products bag, etc.

No.10 RQL-B Hot cutting & Edge-sealing bag making machine

This machine is match for generalBOPP, OPP bag production, and opener for PP, PE roll materials, bag making, production mode has variety of opening: flat mouth, envelope, flanging mouth, pillowcase mouth and soon. with automatic folding membrane, automatic stick gum, folder lining pearlized film, automatic pressure fluid, automatic punching, it;s ideal equipments to making socks bags, towel bags, bread bags, jewelry bags.

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