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WJD-RS-058A / B

Wjd-RS-058A / B to detect and analyze the authenticity of paper money quickly and accurately. counting bills Rp 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, -. in a mixed state and at the same time able to sort out the bill. which means it has

perfected the performance of a conventional cash register so far are only able to count the number of sheets without knowing the amount of nominal.


3 function options with easy operation way:
Clever: correcting and separate mixing other nominal value in the stack of paper money as well as detecting authenticity (preset and add) count: Count the number of pieces (preset and add) sum: count the total nominal value of bank notes and display them in detail (add) presets (counting upon request), add (counting accumulative).


System monitor that very clear:
Wjd-RS-058A / B with 3 pieces LCD screen for easier reading pleh cashiers and customers. provide a detailed view of the number of bills counted.


Automatic vacuum cleaners:
Wjd-RS-058A / B is also accompanied by automatic vacuum cleaner to maintain the accuracy of sensor performance.


Wjd-RS-058A / B in the production of special use in Indonesia. is ideally used in the banking system, money changers, supermarkets, post offices or other financial institutions in Indonesia. ability and accuracy of detection is very helpful streamline your company's performance and security.


we already have agreements with several banks in Indonesia, we also provide and continue to improve the network of after sales services for smooth business of our customers.



technical specifications:

•The method of fluorescence sensor sensors = sensors, magnetic sensors,

Binfrared sensors, sensor security tape, ink sensor
•Identification speed = 1000 sheets / minute
•Power source = 220V (1 + -10%), 50Hz (1 + -5%)
•Total power usage = 75W
•The noise level in the no-load operation = <60dB (A)
•Dimension = 310x250x190 (mm)
•Weight = 9.5 kg