Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


FG-A Model high speed computerized dry laminating machine



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1. Machine if logicallycontrolled and protected by PLC, and the value is set by touch screen

2. 4 sets of AC vector motors automatic control tension, 4 parts of closed circle tension control and display
3. three parts up opened efficient dry box, rollerdrive by wide belt.
4. pneumatic doctor blade device, horizontal sliding.
5. unwinder with epc error adjust
6. outer circle oil or water heating lamination steel roll.
7. three rolls type lamination press roller device
8. smooth glue device.
9. heat source: electricity, vapour, hot oil, gas, etc.
Main technical variables:
• laminating material = plastic film, paper, aluminium foil
• mechanical speed = 180m/min
• max laminating width = 850mm,1050mm, 1250, 1450mm, 1650mm
• max unwind/rewind diameter = 600mm 800mm