Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.

- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.


YSJ - E Model standard rotogravure printing machine



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1.360-degree no-stop register sets, easy operation
2. obturated oven, automatic constant temperature system
3. unwind traction device adopt magnetic powder clutch controller, torque motor to winding unit
4. it adopts double working position for winding & unwinding, semi automatic material change without machine halt
5. automatic tension feeder controller
6. gear boxes clutch pneumatic printing device.
Main technical variables:
• kinds of web = plastic film, paper, cloth
• mechanical speed = 100min
• max printing width= 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, a1400mm
• plate cylinder diameter = 120 - 300mm
• max. unwind/rewind/diameter = 600mm 800mm