Thermowells protect bimetallic and gas thermometers, resistance temperature detectors and thermocouples, and any
probes associated with other measuring instruments (indicators, regulators and recorders). They help to protect
against corrosion, abrasion and a pressurized environment. The use of thermowells also enables these instruments and
sensors to be replaced without interrupting the process. Many different types of thermowell can be supplied in a range
of materials, with various surface coatings, in line with all existing national and international standards or to customers’ drawings. They can be drilled into bars or fabricated assemblies.


RÜEGER’s knowledge and experience, particularly in machining and welding, enable it to supply thermowells for a wide variety of industrial applications, with complete safety for our clients. RÜEGER can also supply thermowells for extreme applications
through its use of specialized materials and coatings.