Probes and Transmitters






Probes and Transmitters


Thermoresistance and thermocouple probes are designed for mounting on pipes, tanks, reactors, furnaces or columns. Whether for immersion or surface measurements, the probe
reaction time will always depend on the measurement environment and is designed to give the best response time.

The measuring components are interchangeable, can be used with most process connections and can be fitted with local or remote display temperature transmitter.

The advantage of temperature transmitters with or without display lies in the conversion of the measurement into a stable
signal, leading to significant improvement in measurement accuracy.

The communication protocols used for the transmitters are 4-20mA HART with two-wire technology, Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus.


Whether in the field of chemicals, petrochemicals, energy or other industrial applications, the reliability and accuracy of its instruments have made RÜEGER SA a company of world renown with a recognised label of quality.