A professional engineering company offering focused services in
the design, operation and protection of facilities utilized for the continuous operations of government and private sector clients.



Control Of Management Services



RASco delivers the capabilities of providing onsite construction and project management for highly technical systems and facility construction. With experience in managing medical facility construction to classified SCIF sites, RASco's management services personnel are highly trained and experienced to bring success to your program.


With the ability to locate personnel around the nation, RASco has successfully participated in project management for clients construction programs located in downtown cities to remote urban landscapes, including new "Greenfield" programs to retrofit "Brownfield" restoration projects.


With the experience to manage critical facilities during retrofit operations while maintaining operations, RASco's Management Services Division (MSD) has the personnel with the skills. With the specific capabilities in the area of highly technical equipment installations married with the respective field trades performing parallel services, RASco MSD has become a sought after resource.


Our management team comes from the installation side of the business. Because of this they understand all aspects of the delivery system. With previous hands on experience the ability to interact, adapt and overcome the varied situations that exist on complex projects gives RASco MDS personnel the advantage.