A professional engineering company offering focused services in
the design, operation and protection of facilities utilized for the continuous operations of government and private sector clients.


Technical Services



With expertise in building technology systems including building Asset Protection Technology, Fuel Cell Emergency Power Systems, Protective Emergency Services Equipment and CBRN Force Protection Systems, RASco can help you meet the needs of today's requirements for an ever vigilant facility infrastructure. Intelligent building design utilizing leading edge technology is how RASco separates ourselves from the basic designer concepts.


Green applications incorporating LEED design knowledge brings both security and efficiency to our clients. Our heritage is based in green thinking with technology being the focus to success.


Asset Protection Systems ranging from Reverse Osmosis for the Emergency Service (ROFES) Health Management Systems to CBRN Active Protection Systems incorporating proactive response to CWA or Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) intrusion.


The technology applied by RASco is designed around proactive sensing elements. These systems allow for critical missions personnel to operate in a safe environment employed in vulnerable areas of operation. Designing applications that notify and direct personnel to safe areas of egress are part of our Integrated Building Technology. Integration of these various technologies, from design concept to final delivery, are capabilities of the RASco Technical Services Division.