Masoneilan* 74000 Series Heavy Oil Process Valve


The Masoneilan 74000 Series control valve can effectively handle the difficult services associated with heavy oil applications. Typical conditions for these types of harsh applications include high temperatures, high pressures, erosive particulates in the fluid, and multi-phase flow. The 74000 Series valve is preferred solution for process control under these combined conditions.




Features & Benefits

• Rugged top guiding resists vibration associated with high pressure letdown or multi-phase service
• Axial flow plug offers additional guiding for stability and vibration resistance
• High thrust and stiffness actuation further extends life in difficult applications
• Specialty materials offer high hardness for improved resistance on critical valve surfaces
Application :

The Masoneilan 74000 Series valve is well-suited to handle heavy oil processes typically found in resid-hydroprocessing and extremely erosive hydrocarbon process applications.

The 74000 Series control valve features a rugged dual guiding system, ceramic or tungsten carbide trim, a fluted plug design and a flushing connection to prevent coking. This delivers a highly stable operating control valve even under harsh service conditions, including high pressure, high temperature and erosive fluids.


1” through 8” 
(25 through 400 mm) 

Ratings and Connections: 
flanged: ANSI 150 – 2500 

Body Materials: 
carbon steel 
stainless steel 

model 87/88 
multi-spring-opposed diaphragm 

fluted single and multi-stage 
continuous guided plug 
ceramic and tungsten carbide optional 
venturi trim to protect valve body 


Inherent Characteristic: 





The Masoneilan 74000 Series valve is available with a wide variety of erosive-resistant trim component materials:


• Stellite

• Tungsten

• Carbide

• Ceramics