Masoneilan* 36005 V-Max* High Capacity Control Ball Valve


The Masoneilan 10000 Series double-seated control valve combines excellent high pressure drop control performance along with the ability to handle dirty fluid applications.  The dual port design provides a pressure balanced effect within the valve, which reduces actuator size and thrust requirements. 




Features & Benefits

• High capacity design, equal percentage flow characteristic and high turndown ratio for accurate throttling control over a wider range of flow conditions
• Backlash-free shaft-to-ball connection and directly connected (linkageless) positioner provides high control accuracy and precise position feedback
• Rugged construction and quick-change seat design reduce maintenance downtime for increased operating efficiency and process yield
• Triple guiding system maintains tight trim alignment for consistent long-term shut-off performance
• Standard EF Seal (low emissions packing system) helps reduce emissions and ensure compliance with environmental and safety requirements
Application :

The Masoneilan 36005 Series V-Max is suited for a wide range of high capacity applications and those requiring the consistent tight shut-off capabilities offered by the V-Port design including:


• Viscous fluids

• Fibrous fluids

• Gas service

• High turn-down applications


Key design features of the 36005 V-Max include:
• V-Port ball design
• Standard MN-7 soft seat
• Optional metal seat
• Optional Heavy Duty seat

• EF seal low emission packing system

• Splined shaft construction





1" through 12" (25 through 300 mm)


Ratings and Connections: 
Flanged: ANSI 150 - 300


Body Materials: 
Carbon steel 
Stainless steel


Model 33 spring diaphragm 
Model 31/32 spring diaphragm


Dual characterized V-Ported segmented ball


Inherent Characteristic: 
Equal percentage 




• MN-7 Soft seat

• Meal seat

• Heavy-duty seat designs