Masoneilan* 77000 Series Multi-Stage High Pressure Valve


The Masoneilan 77000 Series is a multi-stage, expanding area control valve that effectively reduces erosion, vibration, de-gassing, and high noise levels for extremely high-pressure compressible fluid or two-phase flow applications. The trim design directs the flow through a series of expanding stages for safe pressure reduction of dirty gases and flashing/multi-phase liquids. It is a good solution for applications requiring multiple pressure letdown stages and expanding downstream area in the trim to accommodate compressible flow expansion.





Features & Benefits

• Axial flow trim with expanding downstream stages to accommodate compressible gases and out-gassing of two-phase fluids
• Hybrid balanced trim design is extremely stable through the entire travel range for excellent process control, improved operational efficiency and higher process yields
• Short stroke, heavy guiding and rugged construction materials offer long service life even under severe operating conditions
• Simple construction for easy and cost-effective field maintenance

The Masoneilan 77000 Series valve is accepted for use in high temperature, high-pressure separator letdown applications on hydrocracking and hydrotreating units. It is a good choice for a range of applications including:


• Hot high-pressure separator control in hydroprocessing applications

• Gas well-head control in off-shore choke valve

• High-pressure letdown with entrained debris

• High-pressure, high temperature, flashing hydrocarbon liquid services


The Masoneilan 77000 Series valve features an expanding area multi-stage trim for controlled pressure letdown of expanding gases. The expanding area trim in the 77000 Series valve supports safe and efficient process control without restricted flow areas that potentially choke flow.


2" x 3" through 8" x 10" (50 x 80 through 200 x 250 mm)


ASME B16.34 Class 600-2500


End Connections:

BWE per ASME B16.25 
Flanged per ASME B16.5 
Optional hub ends


Body Materials: 
Carbon steel 
Stainless steel 


Model 37/38 spring-opposed diaphragm 
Cylinder actuators


Axial flow technology 
Multi-stage trim (expanding area type) 
Anti-cavitation, flashing, de-gassing, and low noise


Inherent Characteristics: