Masoneilan* 35002 Series Camflex* Rotary Control Valve


One of the first "universal" control valves, the 35002 Series Camflex valve features a low-friction eccentric plug design. It offers precise throttling control within an extremely compact assembly. Its standard design includes an integral bonnet, a direct-mounted actuator and fully enclosed positioner linkage. It is the original rotary globe valve and is a superior choice when tight shut-off and product flexibility is required.





Features & Benefits

• Robust construction and hardened trim offers long-term, improved process control and uptime, and higher process yields
• Eccentric plug’s reduced torque requirement facilitates smaller, more responsive actuator sizes to help reduce process variability
• Eccentric plug design with a high 100:1 turndown ratio offers throttling control over a wide range of process conditions
• Standard EF Seal (low emissions packing system) reduces emissions from the system
• Heavy triple guiding out of the flow stream supports accurate trim alignment throughout the entire operating range

• Optional constructions for abrasive slurry applications such as stellite, or ceramic trim, help reduce maintenance costs in harsh applications


The Masoneilan 35002 Series Camflex valve is suitable for applications that require tight shut-off and high configuration flexibility such as:


• Water

• Steam

• Gas

• Hydro-carbon fluids

• General service applications


Innovative design features result in versatility for smooth operations and process uptime in a wide range of applications.
• True rotary globe design
• Compact actuator
• Economical design


1" through 16" (25 through 400 mm)


Ratings and Connections
Flanged: ANSI 150 – 600 
Flangeless: ANSI 150 – 600 UNI-DIN 10 – 100 Screwed: NPT (1" through 2")


Body Materials: 
Carbon steel 
Stainless steel 
High nickel alloy


Model 35 spring diaphragm 
70 Series cylinder


Eccentric rotary plug


Inherent Characteristics: 





Camflex offers broad spectrum of available customization options:


• Reduced trim or ceramic trim

• Noise attenuating DVD element

• Flanged or flangeless body construction

• Soft seat construction

• High nickel alloy construction

• Cryogenic extension bonnet