Masoneilan* 49000 Series V-LOG* Valve


The 49000 Series V-LOG high pressure drop valve features an enlarged body gallery to accommodate gas expansion and up to 36 stages of pressure reduction via a stacked disk trim design. It offers optimized severe service solutions for high-pressure drop applications with potential damaging noise or cavitating fluid conditions. Built around the Masoneilan V-LOG Energy Management Trim, the 49000 Series is capable of handling a wide range of both liquid and gas services in a variety of process industries.




Features & Benefits

• Compared to forged or fabricated bodies, the cast globe-style body of the 49000 Series offers lower in weight and overall dimensions which helps reduce installation costs
• Enlarged body galleries and expanded outlets provide velocity control for expanding gases
• Galleries sized to accept "typical" V-LOG trim dimensions for a standardized body platform and an optimized solution
• V-LOG trim for use with either compressible or incompressible fluids under severe service conditions
• V-LOG and Lo-dB trim provide reduced noise and cavitation that could negatively affect the valve and/or surrounding equipment

• Commonality of parts with the Masoneilan 80000 Series three-way control valve helps reduce onsite inventory



The V-LOG Trim can be configured for use with either compressible or incompressible fluids under severe service conditions making the 49000 Series valve a superior choice for liquid and gas applications including:


• Boiler feed water start-up and control

• Steam letdown

• Pump discharge

• Water reinjection

• Gas recycle

• Vent applications

Regional Considerations


ASME based design

PED compliant

The 49000 Series features an enlarged cast body gallery to accommodate higher capacity trim designs. The larger flow gallery supports expanded or reduced inlet and/or outlet body connections. The result is high flow capacities while maintaining the flexibility and ability to accommodate complex piping arrangements. 


3" through 30" (75 mm through 750 mm)


ASME B16.34 Class 150-2500


End Connections: 
BWE per ASME B16.25 
Flanged per ASME B16.5


Body Materials: 
Carbon steel 
Stainless steel 


Model 37/38 spring-opposed diaphragm 
Model 87/88 multi-spring-opposed diaphragm 
Cylinder actuators


V-LOG Energy Management Trim 
Low noise flow-to-open designs for gas service 
Anti-cavitation flow-to-close designs for liquid service 
Variety of balanced trim options for Class IV and V shutoff


Inherent Characteristic: 
Linear or equal percentage 


The 49000 Series’ configuration options meet a wide variety of severe service application requirements:



• Multiple body options to accommodate a variety of piping arrangements and application types

• V-LOG Energy Management Trim

• Low noise flow-to-open trim for gas applications

• Anti-Cavitation flow-to-close trim for liquid applications

• ariety of balanced trim options for Class IV and V shutoff