Masoneilan* 10000 Series Double-Seated Control Valve


The Masoneilan 10000 Series double-seated control valve combines excellent high pressure drop control performance along with the ability to handle dirty fluid applications.  The dual port design provides a pressure balanced effect within the valve, which reduces actuator size and thrust requirements. 




Features & Benefits

• Balanced trim design reduces actuator size requirements
• Large streamlined flow paths offer improved operation in dirty fluid applications
• Top and bottom guiding results in smooth process control by offering stability and resulting in improved process yield
• Top and bottom entry access to the valve internal components permits efficient in-line maintenance and repair
• Rugged design offers durability for demanding applications and field conditions

• Commonality of parts with the Masoneilan 80000 Series three-way control valve helps reduce onsite inventory


Application :

The Masoneilan 10000 Series control valve is an excellent choice for applications involving dirty fluids combined with high pressure drops. Some typical service conditions and operating requirements include:


• Clean and dirty process fluids

• Moderate to high pressure drops

• Large flow capacities and operating range

• Resistant to process system vibration

• Low emissions and zero leakage options

It is a field proven design, providing customers with high reliability combined with ease of operation and maintenance.
• Balanced trim construction allows the use of smaller actuators, which helps to reduce overall size and weight of the control valve assembly
• Heavy plug guiding of the valve stem provides precise alignment for improved throttling control and resistance to any system vibration
• Large streamlined flow paths permits the safe passage of foreign particles through the valve without impacting performance
• Top and bottom entry construction allows flexible access to the valve internal components for ease of maintenance and repair




2" through 24" (50 through 600 mm)


Ratings and Connections: 
Flanged: ASME 150 – 1500 UNI-DIN 20 - 250 
Welded: BW or SW 
Screwed: NPT 3/4" through 2" (20 through 50 mm)


Body Materials: 
Carbon steel 
Stainless steel 


Model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm 
Cylinder actuators


V-port plug 


Inherent Flow Characteristics: