Analogue Positioners - MASCOT primarily utilizes HiFlo positioners. The MASCOT HiFlo positioner is available with either a pneumatic module for air control signals, or an electro-pneumatic (I/P) module for milliamp electrical control signals. HiFlo positioners are single or double-acting, force-balanced instruments that provide fast, sensitive and accurate positioning of cylinder and diaphragm actuators. These positioners are compact, field reversible, designed for high performance, and ruggedly built for reliability

Digital Positioners - The MASCOT YT-2400 High Performance Digital Positioner utilises a powerful 16 bit micro processor and two-stage poppet relay mechanism to provide exceptional response and positioning accuracy.

The valve stroke and various other useful information are available via communication protocol so as to allow the user to identify the status of the valve and positioner. This information can also be accessed at the valve by means of the LCD panel display.

The Auto Calibrate Function ensures that calibration is a simple procedure. Zero and span are set automatically by the positioner itself due to the designs ability to measure internal parameter values and to perform the most dynamic characteristics in any valve / actuator configuration or condition.