Spring Cylinder Rotary Actuator

Spring Cylinder Rotary Actuator

Spring Cylinder Linear Actuator - A powerful, high-performance pneumatic actuator that provides positive throttling or on-off operation for automatic control valves. The positioner and most sized cylinders are designed for supply pressures up to 150 psi, making very high thrusts attainable in a compact unit.

This actuator is fully field reversible for air-to-open or air-to-close action without additional parts; a spring provides fail-safe operation. The positioner supplies air to both sides of the piston, providing exceptionally stiff, precise movement together with very high frequency response.

Spring Cylinder Rotary Actuator - The Spring Cylinder Rotary Actuator combines high torque and pneumatic stiffness with excellent throttling capabilities. These characteristics are designed into a lightweight, rugged and compact assembly, making the MASCOT rotary actuator the foremost choice for quarter turn applications. The MASCOT rotary actuator is designed to operate the DISKFLO high performance butterfly valve, the VFLO V-notch ball valve, or other applications requiring precise rotary motion. MASCOT pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners are available for throttling applications.

The actuator, cylinder and MASCOT positioner are designed for supply pressures up to 150 psi, making very high torques attainable. The actuator uses a rocking piston for direct conversion of linear motion to rotary motion. The rocking piston assembly combined with a splined shaft and lever eliminates lost motion.