DeFlo Desuperheater MSD/VSD

DeFlo Desuperheater MSD/VSD

CVariable Spray Desuperheater (VSD) - In order to recover lose of performance in a MSD or simple spray Desuperheater under low load conditions, variable nozzle spray type Desuperheater are recommended where as the load is reduced the spray nozzle area is also reduced.

The VSD provides more economical control of steam temperature by introducing cooling water into the steam flow and through a nozzle of advance design.

The design of the Desuperheater eliminated the need for a separate water control valve, which always allows maximum water pressure at the nozzle.

Features and Benefits

√ Custom Design

√ Precise Control

√ High Rangeability

√ Easy Installation

√ Low Maintenance

Mechanical Spray Desuperheater (MSD) or Simple Spray Desuperheater - This is the most basic type of Desuperheater, consisting of a fixed area nozzle arranged to face downstream at or near the Desuperheating pipe. The MSD relies on the pressure differential available across the nozzle to achieve the conditions for rapid absorption of the water into the steam.

For us to design most efficient Desuperheater for you, we need following parameters:

√ Operating pressure of Steam

√ Maximum Inlet temperature of Steam**

√ Required Outlet temperature of Steam

√ Steam Flow Rate**

√ Available Cooling water Pressure

√ Available Cooling water Temperature