Piping & Fitting




Boiler & Chiller Treatment




Industrial Hose




Bank Equipment


Plastic Machinery



Plastic Packaging Machinery:

- Printing machine series : Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond Production Line.


- Woven bag machine series : Knitting Machine, Circular Loom Slitting Machine, Plastic Film Blowing Machine.





HSI - H-scan International

Metallurgical Engineering & Inspection Services for the hydrogen and syngas industries.


Details about H-scan...


Finantek - Technology Banking Equiptment



Intellectual money discriminator, semi automatic banknote binding machine, computerized numeral control banknote binder, hot melt hand-press punching and binding machine, semi automatic punching and binding machine series.








Welcome to Mitra Sarana Sukses Internasional : stockiest, general supplier, contractor, and distributor company

PT. Mitra Sarana Sukses Internasional was established in 1999 as a stockiest, general supplier & contractor, and distributor company. We supply many various kinds of products to Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power plant, Food & Beverage, and General industry. We cover market almost all over of Indonesia territory The company is managed by experience engineers and managers, who provide day-to-day direction to the workface. A staff of support personel provide administration, safety, operations and financial services, to ensure proper delivery of Mitra Sarana Sukses Internasional’s services. PT. Mitra Sarana Sukses Internasional wiil provide the highest quality NDE and technical services through, knowledgeable, professional management staff and delivery by the most professional, best trained, most experienced and conscientious engineers and technicians operating the best technological for automatic control, instrumentation, engineering and innovative solutions.


Distributor, Sub distributor and Support :


TVI - Thermoplastic valve


Banking Equipment Solution

H'Scan International

Inspection Service


Water Treatment

Wika - Instrumentation temperature
Yamari - Instrumentation
Masoneilan - Control Valve



GPSS - Pipe & Fitting

One Eye Industries

Filtration Solution

CJC - Filter Separator
RMK - Pipe & Fitting


Valve Technology & Service


Tube for heat exchangers


Tube for heat exchangers





Industrial Equipments Supplier

Valves, Control Valves, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Electrical,

Driving and Rotary, Fitting and Pipping,

Automation, Sand blasting equipment, etc.


Technology Banking Equipment

Intelligent money counter, Banknote Discriminator, Desk type bundling,

Vacuum type bundling machine, Counterfeit detector,

Document punching and Bionding machine.



Gear box repairing, Conveyor design and construction, H-scan catalyst tube


Plastic Packaging Machinery

Printing machine series: Flexograph, Rotogravure, Laminator, Spunbond production line

Woven bag machine series: Knitting Machine, Circular loom, Slitting Machine, Plastic film blowing machine, etc